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Return & Warranty Claim Policy


Please check the item upon receiving. Please make sure items is in good condition.

  1. Steamer pot is functioning well
  2. Steamer cover is in good condition
  3. The screw and surface of the steamer is not rusty
  4. Sumosauna tent is in good condition as there is no damages such as torn, zip does not work and etc.

If there is any damage upon receiving item, please do return it to the headquarters within 7 days. Postage will be covered by headquarters.



  1. One year warranty for the steamer pot only. 3 month warranty for steamer cover
  2. Within warranty duration, if there is any problem regarding steamer pot, please do refer to our headquarters. Postage is not included.
  3. We do have the spare parts for Sumosauna. Please do refer to your Sumo Reseller for any inquiries.
  4. Please do keep this Warranty Card for references.


Please return it to the below adress:

The Sumo Group Sdn Bhd (Sumosauna)

No 6&8, Jalan Damai Utama,

Taman Desa Damai,

81300 Pekan Nenas, Pontian

Tel: 0128245543